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IV Therapy

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Health Express IV Therapy

Rejuvenate. Restore. Recover.

When you give your body what it needs, you empower yourself to achieve a higher level of fulfillment.

Comprehensive diet and exercise have an immediate impact on mood and energy. Unfortunately, most people only consume a fraction of what the body needs to live a productive life and effectively manage stress levels. The truth is a fast-paced life with minimal nutrition puts your body and organs at risk every day. We believe that accomplishing optimal health is a journey that requires you to listen to your body’s needs.

IV therapy enhances overall wellness by providing what your body needs to:

  • Combat fatigue
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve immune health
  • Improve mental clarity and cognitive function
  • And so much more!

Beauty benefits: brighter skin, stronger hair, and nails slows the aging process, improves blemishes.

Athletic benefits: improved performance, reduces recovery time, helps flush free radicals naturally produced by exercise.

Hangover benefits: Relieves classic symptoms of headache, fatigue, nausea, muscle aches, etc.

Addiction recovery benefits: Reduces withdrawal symptoms, helps repair neurotransmitters, and detoxify your body from free radicals caused by addiction.

Menu List

1 Liter of Normal Saline $150

(Add an additional normal saline bag for $50)

Add-Ons: $15 each

Magnesium – Supports muscle and nerve function and energy production

Folic acid – Promotes the development of healthy skin cells including collagen production

Zofran – Anti-nausea medication

Toradol – Pain medication

$30 Thiamine – An essential nutrient involved in the flow of electrolytes into and out of muscle and nerve cells