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People are an integral asset to any business. The quality of their output has a direct correlation to an enterprise’s success. Research shows that happier, healthier workplaces translate into better company financials. Because a healthy labor force is a productive one, it is in every employer’s best interests to keep their staff happy and healthy.

Implementing proper health practices in the workplace can help you make the most of your human resource. It can help your employees become more productive, reduce absences due to sick days, and save you a lot of money in the long run by preventing costs associated with injury and disability.


Health Risks at Work

Employers need to look at several risk factors that can adversely affect employees’ physical, mental, and emotional health while at work. These risks include general illness, disability, and even possible injury.

Physical, chemical, and biological hazards may be present in some workplaces. Some working conditions also expect employees to handle chemical agents or operate heavy equipment and machinery. In places like these, safety training for workers should be a part of the employer’s health practices.


The Socially Toxic Work Environment

Some workplaces may not have the physical risks mentioned above. However, the existence of a pervasively hostile or socially toxic work environment is also an health risk. Studies show that frequent employee absenteeism could be due to low morale among the staff of a company as caused by social toxicity.

A socially toxic workplace is one that is characterized by frequent infighting and power plays for personal gain such as fame, money, or some kind of special status or promotion. Workplaces that are really toxic lead to employee burnout and frequent employee turnover.

Some signs of a toxic work environment are a high employee sickness and turnover rate, a lack of transparency from company management, inconsistent or non-existent policies and procedures, and negative communication practices. Social bullying may also be present in these environments.


The Role of this Branch of Medicine

Occupational medicine is a specialized branch of medicine that focuses on the physical and mental well-being of employees in the workplace. It includes preventing and treating the spread of diseases and injuries, with the goal of maintaining or increasing productivity and helping people adjust socially to their work environment. Learn more about occupational health in the workplace here.

The goals of medicine practitioners are to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries. They help the company achieve a healthy work environment by following these general guidelines:

  • Cultivating safe work practices and habits
  • Being proponents of workplace ergonomics
  • Monitoring the health of a company’s employees
  • Helping to manage employees’ sick leaves and absences
  • Keeping a pulse on the company’s social environment


The health service you enlist can also help you establish health and safety practices in your workplace. These could include the following:

  • Conducting preemployment health assessments for the company and its employees
  • Implementing health and safety compliance policies within the company
  • Promoting health and fitness programs to help educate staff
  • Providing expert counseling services to employees on mental, emotional, or social problems that may affect their productivity in the workplace
  • Providing business owners with insight and guidance when making reasonable changes or adjustments to employees’ working conditions


How Do Employers Promote Health?

Depending on the size of the business or organization, employers typically provide health services by partnering with a reliable health care provider. Your provider may have a range of specialists, including therapists, psychologists, and doctors who specialize in medicine.


Get in Touch

For employers interested in partnering with a service provider that has access to specialists like these, turn to Health Express Raynham. We can provide your staff with the health services they need. Click here to view the insurance and payment methods we accept for occupational health services.

On the other hand, for employees with  health concerns, most insurance plans will cover the cost of consultation with the  therapists and doctors on our staff. Call us today for more information.