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Every year, participation in organized sports continues to grow, especially in teens and young adults. In the United States, millions of children and adolescents take part in a sport. That’s why it is no surprise that sports injuries in children and teens continue to be prevalent.

For most parents of young athletes, worrying about their children’s health and safety as they participate in a sport comes with the territory. Whether it’s baseball, football, or basketball, parents of young athletes will want a safe and healthy start to the season.


Starting the Season Right

Most teens who take part in recreational games are restless to start competing in a new season. But before anything else, they will be required to take a pre-participation exam. In the field of medicine, a sports physical is also called a pre-participation exam or PPE. It is a set of medical exams that can help determine whether it is safe for an athlete to participate in recreational games.

Getting a pre-participation exam for your child can help prevent injuries because it determines and sets safe activity levels for each individual. For instance, if your child has asthma, a doctor will recommend that he or she should refrain from participating in recreational games such as long-distance running, cycling, or basketball to prevent any possible flare-ups.

Most states require that children and young adults obtain a pre-participation exam before they can participate in any kind of recreational games. But even in states where one isn’t required, it is still in your child’s best interest to obtain one.


Components of an Examination

The exam usually consists of a comprehensive medical history check and a exam. Your doctor will start out by asking your child to fill out a health history form. He or she will look for any high-risk disorders that could impede performance or even prevent participation in a recreational game.

Your doctor will also want to know about any histories of illnesses or hospitalizations that your child may have had. Sometimes, a teen questionnaire form may be necessary, as that will look into his or her lifestyle choices and daily habits. It tackles drug and alcohol-use questions, among others.

The next part of the exam is an actual exam. Your doctor will check the blood pressure and pulse rate as well as record your child’s height and weight. He or she will then check the lungs, heart, stomach, ears, nose, and throat. Finally, your child’s posture, joints, strength, and flexibility will also be evaluated. Learn more about sports physicals here.


Raynham’s Physical Facilities

For those who live in or around Massachusetts, there are medical facilities that provide pre-participation exams and other physical exams as needed. However, scheduling an appointment with your regular doctor may take days or weeks. At Health Express, we provide prompt services in a friendly and professional environment.

No appointment is necessary. Simply bring your child in for a pre-participation exam at any time and our staff will ensure that you are attended to without any delays. Our well-trained urgent care providers and specialists will be thorough in all aspects of your child’s PPE.

You can be assured that even with our quick patient turnaround, we never sacrifice the quality of the health care we provide. At Health Express, we take pride in maintaining the highest level of medical service at all times. Come in today and see for yourself! Click here to contact us about a physical.