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 These days, people lead busier lives than ever. Given our fast-paced lives, we may be more likely to get sick. So, when we feel the onset of a cold, we almost dread having to see the doctor.

However, setting up an appointment can be a hassle. Sometimes, a doctor’s hours may not match your schedule. Fortunately, there are urgent cares designed for people who have a busy lifestyle.

In the last two decades, urgent cares have continued to gain ground in most states. These facilities have more flexible hours and are usually open seven days a week. This can be a huge time-saver, particularly for those who work full-time during the week.


What is Urgent Care?

A n urgent care is a center that provides healthcare services in a local area.

In this facility, patients can see a doctor, a licensed nurse practitioner, or other medical professionals without the need for an appointment.

You can visit an urgent care in case you need medical attention and your primary care physician is not available. In other cases, an urgent care is useful if you require medical attention but do not necessarily need a trip to the emergency room. Learn more about walk-in clinics here.


Choosing an Urgent Care

Aside from the most obvious reason being convenience or location, there may be other factors to consider when choosing an urgent care center to patronize. Do the necessary research on the facility to answer your needs.


  • How much are the fees? This is probably the first question that will come to mind. Find out from the reception desk. Sometimes, pricing will also be posted up-front. Also, while most major insurance plans are always accepted, it is best to inquire beforehand if they accept your medical health insurance plan.
  • What are the hours of operation? Generally, a doctor’s offices are open during regular business hours, the same time people are at work. This makes it difficult for some patients to meet their doctors. On the other hand, urgent care have a more flexible schedule. Some centers may even have extended working hours and operate during weekends to accommodate their patients. Check the schedule of a clinic to see whether their hours of operation are convenient for you.
  • What type of providers or staff will deliver the medical service? An urgent care may have physicians, lab technicians, nurse practitioners, or other professionals. Check if an urgent care has the type of healthcare provider you need. You may also choose a center with different providers, who can attend to the different needs of your family.
  • Where is the clinic located? Location is important in finding an urgent care. Pick one that is either near your home or your place of work. This will make it easy for you to visit it whenever you need medical assistance.
  • What are the services offered? Some urgent cares focus on specific fields, such as urgent care, sports injuries, or physical exams. Other centers offer an array of other services. To make sure you pick the right clinic, ask the staff if they can meet your unique and specific needs.
  • How’s the customer service of the urgent care? Choose an urgent care that is committed to providing excellent customer service to their patients. A friendly and knowledgeable staff would immediately attend to your needs. They can also help save you the hassle of getting in a busy hospital emergency room.


Lastly, you may need to ask yourself whether your symptoms are simple enough to be treated at an urgent care; they might require a visit to the emergency room instead. Symptoms that point to more serious, life-threatening conditions will require emergency room treatment.


Urgent Care Facility

In most cases, urgent care centers can provide treatment for serious but noncritical illnesses, such as bronchitis and other bacterial infections. They can also treat urgent conditions such as burns, animal bites, and even sprains or fractures.

For residents in and around the Massachusetts area, Health Express Raynham offers comprehensive urgent care services. Our experienced practitioners can respond to your condition promptly and efficiently. No need for an appointment. For your immediate medical concerns, visit us today! Click here to contact us.